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Labor Law & OSHA Update Service

$ 69.95$ 99.95

  • Includes Labor Law Poster Subscription Service & Expanded $45,000 Guarantee
  • Basic: Includes All-On-One OSHA Poster, Emergency Safety Poster, & Law Change Alerts
  • Standard: Adds FLSA Poster
  • Complete:  Adds FLSA Poster and HIPAA Poster
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Labor Law and OSHA Update Service
Texas employers are required by law to display up-to-date state and federal labor law posters and communicate safety and health information to employees. They must also implement effective workplace policies addressing employee conduct such as workplace violence, sexual harassment and substance abuse.
How to ensure you’re in compliance when these posting and workplace policy requirements are keep being updated, while new posters and regulations are also being issued all the time? That’s where we come in.
Keeping up with all these changing and evolving laws, rules and regulations can be a daunting task, and that’s why we’ve simplified the process by offering you our Labor Law and OSHA Update Service Packages, which come in three configurations depending on your needs.

Each package – Basic, Standard and Complete – contains the following components tailored for businesses in Texas:

  • Texas State and Federal Labor Law Poster
  • OSHA Safety Poster
  • Emergency Safety Information Poster (laminated) that includes 12 employee safety notices
  • 12 months of automatic updates whenever changes occur to mandatory labor law postings or OSHA notifications
  • A Compliance Certificate of Purchase that can be used as proof to a government agency or legal counsel of your good-faith effort to comply with all posting and notification requirements
  • A one-year subscription to our quarterly Compliance Concepts newsletter to keep you informed of labor law changes, HR issues and OSHA compliance requirements
  • Free coverage under our “We Pay the Fine” Reimbursement Guarantee that protects you from posting violation fines of up to $45,000

The packages become a bit more focused as you go from Basic to Standard to Complete.

Basic Package:
This beginning service package contains all the elements listed in the bullet points above and is designed for employers who do not offer health insurance and already have policies in place to address the issues of harassment, discrimination and substance abuse.

Standard Package:
The Standard configuration is also aimed at businesses that do not offer health insurance, but it branches out to include Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance. You can also signal your company’s compliance with the wage-and-hour standards of the FLSA. This poster contains critical wage-and-hour notices.

Complete Package:
For those businesses providing employee health insurance, we offer the Complete Package. This configuration includes our HIPAA Instructions Poster containing critical notices for employees and health plan participants. You also receive the FLSA Compliance Poster, so this really is a complete package that keeps you compliant with mandatory labor law postings; FLSA notifications regarding wage, hour and child labor issues; mandatory OSHA safety notifications; and HIPAA policy notifications for health plan participants.

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